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Important: if you start working on a specific task, edit this page and put your name next to it so we can keep track of who's doing what. Several people can work on the same task, provided they coordinate their work. For more information or to contact other contributors, check out our IRC channel.

Super-Important: before you start designing anything, make sure you read the design principles.

Current project

Please only submit designs in relation to the current project. Make sure you have read and understood the settings presented on the current project's page so that your designs fit with its environment. Current project: Bogfast


Available tasks
  • Buildings
  • Plants
  • Wildlife

Uploading concept art

You can upload your pictures here. Please make sure you're uploading to the appropriate album.

Photo references

Available tasks
  • Bog/marsh plants
  • Bog/marsh wildlife
  • Bog/marsh buildings
  • Rocky riverside

How to take good photo references

Reference pictures are used for texture and 2-D design. They are photos of specific subjects to act as reminders or to reference on architecture, overall look, design, color and lighting.
Good reference pictures aren't necessarily a must, but it does help to take into account some of what is written above. A good reference picture usually includes a neutral light, no grain and include the subject in full detail. Say we want to build a house model, but want to use a reference picture to inspire us. A good way to take a picture of a house would be to have all sides of the house (excluding the roof unless you have a helicopter.) Important here is to have the complete subject on the picture, meaning no cut offs, no weird angles or any other subject interfering with the reference like cars or people.
If there are details worthy of attention (decoration, patterns, etc.) don't hesitate to zoom in and snap those as well.
If the picture is taken in a neutral environment with no additional lighting (like sun glares or shadowing), the artist can fully focus on the subject in any way possible.

Uploading photo references

You can upload your pictures here. Please make sure you're uploading to the appropriate album. If you can, try to pick meaningful names for your photos (place where it was taken, general or detail shot, etc.).