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The purpose of this document is to set forth a number of rules related on how the meetings should be set and conducted during the development of Peragro Tempus, in order to increase productivity and reduce noise coming from unnecessary off-topic talk.

Each member participating in organisation of meeting and meeting itself falls into one of the following roles:

  • Chairman: whose main role is to organise and lead the meeting.
  • Deputy chairman: whose main role is to replace the chairman in case of his/her absence.
  • Participant: anyone who participates in the meeting by stating comments, suggestions, and propositions.

Meeting preparation

Proposing a meeting

Anyone participating in the development can propose and organise a meeting. Proposition should be made at least one week before the expected date when the meeting will be held. During this phase it is also required to determine who will be the chairman and deputy chairman for the meeting. Selecting people who will lead the meeting should be informal. It is advisable that the person who has recommended a meeting to be at least a deputy chairman.

It is chairman's and deputy chairman's obligation to inform the developers of the upcoming meeting.

Wiki page setup

The chairman & deputy chairman should also set-up a wiki page named "Meeting YYYYMMDD" and link it on this page. Check the outline of previous meetings to get an idea of how to organize its content.


The meeting takes place on the #peragro-dev channel. All off-topic talk during the meeting should be taken off onto #peragro.

Chairman actions

  1. Start the meeting (Chairman)
  2. Start new topic (Chairman)
    1. Grant word to topic suggester (Chairman)
      1. Comment on topic (Participant)
      2. Repeat as necessary for multiple suggesters

Participants actions

When attending a meeting, you will be expected not to cut through other people's talk, and as a rule not to speak unless you've been granted word by the chairman. To make sure that everyone gets their turn, word will be granted alphabetically or after requests using "o/", depending on the situation. To keep things moving quickly, when granted word you should let everyone know you're not afk by entering "starting" before typing your comment(s), else you will lose your turn. Likewise, to let us know you're done, enter "done" after your comment(s).

Breakdown of actions:

  • Request word
    • #o/
  • Start/stop his/her own presentation
    • #Starting
    • #Done