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This guide assumes you have a working Crystalspace 1.9 setup and the CRYSTAL environment variable pointing to the Crystalspace directory. Although it's not technically needed to use B2.5CS and export, you'll need it to actually view your exported files and to use the export and run functionality.

  • Download B2.5CS, unlike the old b2cs, do NOT put it anywhere inside the blender scripts directory!!

# svn co b2.5cs

I'll assume you put it under '/home/user/b2.5cs' or 'C:\b2.5cs'

  • Now open blender
  • Open a text editor, press 'Add new' and paste the following inside


import sys, os
import b2cs


import sys, os
import b2cs

  • Click 'Run Script'

Now under the 'Properties'-panel under Render (the little camera icon) you should see 'Export and run'-button if you have a small scene with camera and light setup, go ahead and press it, in a few seconds walktest should start and show you your level in realtime glory.(check the blender console for output)