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The new GUI.
Anvil moving around a house
The new WIP asset-browser, just drag stuff to the world!


Anvil is a Collaborative world editor front-end for DAMN using the CrystalSpace engine.


  • Asset browsing with previews
  • Saving/Loading worlds
  • Collaborative editing
  • Moving/rotating meshes with and without axis constraints
  • Mouselook - hold down right mouse button
  • Undo/Redo - Ctrl+Z / Ctrl+Y
  • Terrain modifiers



  • Main panel;
    • Buttons; Add, Edit, Remove, Move, Rotate, (x, y, z selectors), Free move, Save to file.
  • Add window;
    • Select between; Mesh, Light, Portal, Sequence, Trigger.
    • Filter by tag and collection
    • Nice preview overview grid like DAMN's web frontend.
  • Edit window;
    • Specific to the selected object type.
    • For portals; Dynamic resizing?
    • Terrain modifier selection


  • Creating lights
  • Terrain editing
    • Basic terrain modifier system is in place, but currently only has a basic square lower/raise modifier, need to implement more like custom brush image, circle, noise, flatten, ...

Asset Server